Trouble figuring out your significant other?

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Understanding yourself…

Our self-assessment questionnaires will reveal exactly the type of person you are.  Quantifying your individual characteristics will allow you to evaluate yourself and equip you with knowledge of who fits your attributes best when forming a romantic relationship.

…leads to understanding others.

Objectively comprehending yourself also allows you to understand what makes others tick.  Information is powerful and it provides you with the tools to make quicker and clearer decisions.  It also facilitates a heightened level of communication between yourself and others leading to an increase in relationship satisfaction.

Putting the pieces together

Each statement answer and its associated intensity selected in the questionnaires are like building blocks, they form a clear picture and explain the dynamics of our interpersonal relationships when analyzed in unison.  What makes all of us unique is the combination of all these answers and opinions and help clarify many relationship ambiguities.

Benefits of joining


Enlighten yourself by understanding yourself and knowing who fits your qualities best.


Our goal is to provide an ever expanding line of free questionnaires for you to gain better insight into yourself.