What do we do exactly?

Give objective data

Enriching your interpersonal relationships through objective analysis and selection. The main goal of Selectivita is helping you quantify your compatibility with another person. These individuals may be friends, family, romantic partners, or even co-workers. Getting along better or worse with others is no accident, there is science behind it.

Our purpose.

Compatible relationships

Understanding the opposite sex may seem like rocket science, but were here to help. We want to enrich your relationships through an unbiased understanding of the human mind. Our main goal is to aid you in the partner selection process. Leverage our knowledge to better understand yourself and anyone else and enrich your life in the process.

Result to be expected.

Better selection = healthier relationships.

A greater understanding of yourself and others. The more data we have the better decisions we can make. We believe that better selection ultimately leads to healthier and stronger relationships. Healthy relationships to us means: reduced conflict, more harmony, increased free-flowing positive communication and an overall healthy environment with minimal work. Sounds too good to be true? Try it and see the results for yourself.

How we do it?

Self-assessment questionnaires

Our method for understating you is based on a variety of self-report start-questionnaires. Every question you answer brings us closer providing objective information about you and allows us to make recommendations with whom you are compatible with. Accuracy of results depends entirely on your honesty, therefore, the information we provide is only as good as your responses.