No longer seeing eye to eye?

No longer seeing eye to eye?

We can help.

What we do

  • We compare self-assessment questionnaire results between a couple to objectively measure the inner dynamics of their relationship.
  • A comparative analysis is performed, allowing us to calculate how compatible the two individuals truly are.
  • We provide objective information that paves the way for increased relationship building by working on weaknesses and strengthening positive qualities.
  • Display trait and characteristic divergences which facilitates conflict resolution and clearer relationship decisions making.

What you get

  • Your own virtual therapist who objectively calculates the compatibility of your relationship.
  • Comparative analysis assessing your inner qualities with your partners.
  • Visualize the strengths and weaknesses of your pair bond in data form.
  • Save precious time by being better informed prior to forming a new relationship, or deciding to end a damaged relationship quicker.

Who is it for

  • A couple who wants to see exactly how compatible they are internally.
  • A couple who wants to understand the inner workings of their relationship with their partner.
  • Couples who want to save time and money.
  • Couples who aren’t ready to go to a therapist yet.
  • Any couple that wants to engage in “conscientious” decision making regarding the future of their relationship.

Still not sure about completing an assessment?

Ease of use

Fastest and easiest way to calculate compatibility between a couple.  Within one hour you will know as much as living 5 years with your companion.